Underflow Studios, a small, human-scale studio. Founded in 2014, Released The Away Team in 2016 and currently working on Tachyon, Midnight Ghost Hunt and more.


All of our titles can be purchased on underflow-studios.itch.io without DRM which we highly recommend. Not only is itch.io great for players but it’s awesome for developers as it’s open to everyone without initial fees and developers can even set how much itch.io takes.

Human Scale

Underflow Studios isn’t a single person. While we only have one employee, Michael Brune, he is assisted by many contractors. We highly recommend you go over the credits of the games you enjoy.


If you are interested in contracting or co-developing with us please feel free to contact us.

Please email all inquiries to MichaelBrune@underflowstudios.com

Twitter works too: @UnderflowStudio