Passion is a great thing to have. A strong passion could mean a complex and changing passion. It can also mean a deep and steady passion. In the end a strong passion will usually spawn at least one project that one hasn’t any idea how to start. The best way I have found to start something is to just go do it. Attempt to find the best starting point, ensure you know of multiple and take the one that you think you would enjoy and be the happiest with taking. If you start in on a path don’t be afraid to turn around. You should never lock in to a path so much that you refuse to see the error of it’s ways. You should also be loyal enough to a single path to see at least one to completion.

This is what allowed Underflow Studios to release The Away Team. A strong and healthy passion from everyone involved. While The Away Team was basically myself (Michael Brune) working on it alone with ideas of creating a story like Star Trek or Stargate that would live with me and hopefully others forever. When people ask me, was this project successful? I could point at the numbers and say “Yes, we made a profit.” but that’s not what I do. I point at the fact that story will now be around for my children, for your children and for anyone reading this. That to me is success.

So with this I would like to introduce a new project of mine personally. I am calling it “On the subject of”. A hopefully informative… blog, I guess? It won’t be only text. I plan to do vlogs and possibly other mediums like games and podcasts. Sometimes these things will feature just me or they might include others, which will be properly introduced as we go. Lastly I can’t guarantee every entry will be free. I can guarantee that every entry will be as cheap as I can make it.


Brune, Michael J