Hello Underflowers,

This update is pretty light due to previously mentioned milestones. I go into talking briefly on

Retrospective Goals

- Tachyon: allow the player to start uncovering alternative timelines.

I accomplished this via some script instancing in Godot. So simply put I can compare global variables like “has_installed_mods” and unlock doors or interactions which wouldn’t be unlocked otherwise. Overall this went well and I had a lot more time than I thought I would.

There was some prerequisite work in order to do this. I combined the entire tachyon city into one scene. This city scene is then instanced in each level that contains the city. This has made authoring the city much much easier but at the cost of some render performance. The issue could be solved by occlusion culling but that won’t be in Godot until version 4. I might try my hand on some real rough occlusion culling implementation but we will see how ill-performant that will be.

Idea Jam

For the idea jam I have a few more very small sized projects I want to see if I can mess around with. I really love working with specific styles of code that would really let me know what the Godot engine can do. This will be the cut off for the idea jam. The next update will announce what comes out of the investigation then we will be deciding what game we go forward with.


  • Tachyon: Create a time map of events in the game.
  • Investigate and report a few more projects for idea jam.

Michael Brune