Greetings Underflowers,

First you might have noticed that the second semi-monthly update this month is unlikely to come. Sometimes I get bogged down or not enough happens that I might skip an update or two. If you are interested in what I am are working on and am fairly silent on the website then jump into the discord to ask questions and chat. I’ll be considering changing the title of this feature because semimonthly feels too strict. Semiwhatever seems appropriate but I want to make people aware that I want to get out at least one a month. Which is why I went for twice monthly. At least that way I might do at least one.

I’ve been diving into how the idea jam is going to end and the personal requirements I have for my next project. I’ll need to have constraints on time and budget in which ends up cutting some idea jam games such as footrope which end up a bit more time than I want to spend right now. Although it’s a balance because something too small might not end up bringing in enough profits to make the time spent worth it. This sounds like a cold and unartistic thing to say but it’s the reality of needing money to live. It’d be irresponsible to not consider such things.

Retrospective Goals

- Tachyon: Create a time map of events in the game.

I never got to this. I need to plan out events if I plan to move forward with tachyon. I have a lot of ideas floating around but I am fairly on the edge on if I really want to push forward with Tachyon or SneakerNet or perhaps a combination of both.

- Investigate and report a few more projects for idea jam.

I created SneakerNet.exe in Godot. SneakerNet was a prototype I created in 2017 using Unreal Engine 4. That prototype’s movement was extremely floaty and never felt you were entirely in control. SneakerNet.exe is the same prototype but trying to solve that issue. I believe I have solved this but I jumped into this prototype haphazardly because I didn’t write anything about it. I just started making it and I’ve hit the point where I feel like I’ve gotten the mechanics down I was going for in the original prototype but the original prototype didn’t really have a strong direction. It was just “I like parkour games, lets make some parkour mechanics.”

So as I said before, SneakerNet doesn’t feel all that big. I feel like any direction I create with it ends up far too large or too small. I might really focus on the too small side of things because well polished small games still can do well if priced accurately and done well but quickly. This is all tentative of course.

Idea Jam

The next Idea Jam update will have builds for all the prototypes. Not exactly playable but enough to get the idea out.

Godot Wild Jam

I will be looking to submit to the Godot Wild Jam. It happens to fall on a few days this month where my wife and kid are out of the house so I figure lets devote a weekend to make a game real quick. I of course will consider this small game in the Idea Jam but it being only a few days of time it’s unlikely to be as polished or complete as other prototypes.


  • Complete the Godot Wild Jam.
  • Choose a prototype to go forward with.

Michael Brune