Semimonthly: June 2020 #0

Hello Underflowers! It’s been quite a long time (over a year! Shame on me!) since you’ve gotten an update on the website but the discord is updated almost daily with random ideas, thoughts and challenges I’ve been solving. Of course expect more blog/vlog based updates going forward. So what has Underflow been up to? Midnight Ghost Hunt Midnight Ghost Hunt is a contract we’ve been working on and it’s been great. [Read More]

Hackpoint An Introduction

Greetings Everybody, Today we are officially announcing our next title, Hackpoint. First, the game’s title has changed a bit over time. You might have heard us talking about “Data Broker” or “Codename CyberGyver”, but we have finally settled on the name Hackpoint. Regardless of our title change, our game’s direction is the same as before. An immersive simulation game set in 2099, decades of climate change, warfare, disease and famine had left Earth in a hopeless state. [Read More]