Semimonthly: July 2020 #2

Hello Underflowers, This update is pretty light due to previously mentioned milestones. I go into talking briefly on Retrospective Goals - Tachyon: allow the player to start uncovering alternative timelines. I accomplished this via some script instancing in Godot. So simply put I can compare global variables like “has_installed_mods” and unlock doors or interactions which wouldn’t be unlocked otherwise. Overall this went well and I had a lot more time than I thought I would. [Read More]

Idea Jam: Update #0

Hello Underflowers, So this is the first Idea Jam update! I introduced the idea jam in our very first Semimonthly Update which went over the origins of the idea jam. Let me briefly explain how the idea jam will go. I am going to design, create and polish a few games to the prototype phase. These prototypes will be experiments of game mechanics I find interesting. From there I am going to only proceed with one of them to build out to a release state. [Read More]