Semimonthly: August 2020 #1

Greetings Underflowers, First you might have noticed that the second semi-monthly update this month is unlikely to come. Sometimes I get bogged down or not enough happens that I might skip an update or two. If you are interested in what I am are working on and am fairly silent on the website then jump into the discord to ask questions and chat. I’ll be considering changing the title of this feature because semimonthly feels too strict. [Read More]

Semimonthly: July 2020 #2

Hello Underflowers, This update is pretty light due to previously mentioned milestones. I go into talking briefly on Retrospective Goals - Tachyon: allow the player to start uncovering alternative timelines. I accomplished this via some script instancing in Godot. So simply put I can compare global variables like “has_installed_mods” and unlock doors or interactions which wouldn’t be unlocked otherwise. Overall this went well and I had a lot more time than I thought I would. [Read More]

Semimonthly: July 2020 #1

Hello Underflowers! So last time I had laid out some goals. I wanted to give a retrospective on them. Retrospective Goals - Footrope: Finish up the turn-based switch over and start designing and implementing the deception mechanic. This ended up being a lot of work. So the turn-based gameplay isn’t fully in. I’ve had to technically redesign the navigation stem because I was using a navmesh before but instead I wanted a cell based movement system for turn-based gameplay. [Read More]

Idea Jam: Update #0

Hello Underflowers, So this is the first Idea Jam update! I introduced the idea jam in our very first Semimonthly Update which went over the origins of the idea jam. Let me briefly explain how the idea jam will go. I am going to design, create and polish a few games to the prototype phase. These prototypes will be experiments of game mechanics I find interesting. From there I am going to only proceed with one of them to build out to a release state. [Read More]

Semimonthly: June 2020 #0

Hello Underflowers! It’s been quite a long time (over a year! Shame on me!) since you’ve gotten an update on the website but the discord is updated almost daily with random ideas, thoughts and challenges I’ve been solving. Of course expect more blog/vlog based updates going forward. So what has Underflow been up to? Midnight Ghost Hunt Midnight Ghost Hunt is a contract we’ve been working on and it’s been great. [Read More]

Hackpoint An Introduction

Greetings Everybody, Today we are officially announcing our next title, Hackpoint. First, the game’s title has changed a bit over time. You might have heard us talking about “Data Broker” or “Codename CyberGyver”, but we have finally settled on the name Hackpoint. Regardless of our title change, our game’s direction is the same as before. An immersive simulation game set in 2099, decades of climate change, warfare, disease and famine had left Earth in a hopeless state. [Read More]

On The Subject Of The Open Internet

Today, We like many other websites out there are taking a moment to explain to you the open internet and why we need it as a society. So an open internet simply means that data can’t be slowed because it comes from a different place. So data from netflix, underflow studios, facebook, steam, etc can’t be slowed simply because your ISP determines it. By removing the open internet you kill an unimaginable amount of current and future jobs. [Read More]

On The Subject Of New Projects

Passion is a great thing to have. A strong passion could mean a complex and changing passion. It can also mean a deep and steady passion. In the end a strong passion will usually spawn at least one project that one hasn’t any idea how to start. The best way I have found to start something is to just go do it. Attempt to find the best starting point, ensure you know of multiple and take the one that you think you would enjoy and be the happiest with taking. [Read More]