Semimonthly: June 2020 #0

Hello Underflowers! It’s been quite a long time (over a year! Shame on me!) since you’ve gotten an update on the website but the discord is updated almost daily with random ideas, thoughts and challenges I’ve been solving. Of course expect more blog/vlog based updates going forward. So what has Underflow been up to? Midnight Ghost Hunt Midnight Ghost Hunt is a contract we’ve been working on and it’s been great. [Read More]

The Away Team V2.5: Demo and Soundtrack Released!

Greetings space travelers! Today, we are proud to finally announce that The Away Team’s demo and soundtrack are now officially available. Alongside this, we are also releasing a patch that brings in a few new features. The Away Team’s Soundtrack is available for US$5, and includes a mix of 16 ambient and melodic tracks in FLAC format. This has been long-requested, and we’re glad to get the high quality versions of the game’s music tracks into fans’ hands. [Read More]

The Away Team: Lost Exodus Making Memories

What makes something memorable? Memory is a fickle beast. Humans are terrible at remembering things. This is fine, even important. Our brains are heavily optimised toward making sure that we can keep track of things that, evolutionarily speaking, are important to us, and that comes at the expense of culling a whole lot of things that aren't. The way that we process experiences and store memories itself is convoluted as well. [Read More]

The Away Team: Lost Exodus Released!

Hello and greetings Space Travellers! It is with great pleasure that we announce that The Away Team's Lost Exodus update is out and available to play right now! In addition to bug fixes, stability improvements and good old typo corrections, the Lost Exodus update includes: Expanded story, increasing the game's mission content to over 120,000 words Enhanced sector exploration with new ship handling, random event missions and asteroid fields Fancy new ship graphics A new crew role experience system A new unlockable character with their own story arc to explore Over 50 “memento” items for crewmembers to collect 11 new Steam achievements A new character editor with Steam Workshop integration Improved sprite rendering Clearer text and an optional dyslexic-friendly font Some things you might be interested in checking out before you play: [Read More]

The Away Team: Lost Exodus Releasing October 22nd, 2018

Greetings, space travellers! We are proud to announce that The Away Team's upcoming update, Lost Exodus, will be launching on Steam and on October 22nd! Lost Exodus polishes and builds upon The Away Team's core choose-your-own- adventure and real-time space exploration experiences by adding more content, improved gameplay, and an in-game character with integrated Steam Workshop support. There are a lot of changes to go over, and we'll be digging in in more detail with a proper changes, but for now, here's a rundown on the key stuff: [Read More]

The Away Team: Lost Exodus Redesigning The Argo

What's In A Ship? The Away Team is a game about a small crew's journey through the isolated and mostly empty reaches of time and space. Most of The Away Team's gameplay and narrative are presented through "missions" that take place on the surface of the planets you come across. So much of the tone and context of the game is about eking out an existence with limited resources onboard what is effectively a very advanced tin can. [Read More]

The Away Team: Lost Exodus Coming Soon

Hi everybody! We are very excited to to let you all know we have been hard at work on a large update that rounds out The Away Team while keeping the core game that you (hopefully) know and love. The big features we have been working on for the Lost Exodus update include: New adventures to explore New in-game character creator (with offline support for sharing as well as Steam Workshop integration) New gameplay features focusing on searching and survival More ways to track current status and progress UX improvements Many bug fixes! [Read More]

The Away Team Releases On Linux! As long as I could remember I always wanted to use linux. Even before I knew what it was I knew I wanted to explore it. To me linux has always been about that vast field of software thrown about. When I first saw it, it was different. It wasn't Windows. As everyone struggles when they learn something new so did I stumble and fall and waste countless hours on installing, reinstalling and recompiling my userland. [Read More]